Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Superstitious "Science" - Correlation vs Causation

The Associated Press and National Geographic have run recent articles correlating CO2 to global warming, global warming to drought, and drought to war in Syria.  These "science" articles imply that CO2 caused the Syrian war.  The journalist "scientists" who wrote them obviously don't understand the logical fallacy of  post hoc ergo propter hoc, i.e., "after this, therefore because of this". The logical corollary is "correlation does not imply causation".  

In 1933, Syria experienced another severe drought.  Since Yo-Yos had recently been introduced to the country, Syrian leaders blamed the drought on Yo-Yos, and outlawed them.  The superstitious logic in blaming droughts on Yo-Yos and CO2 are equally fallacious.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Wild 2 Year Roller Coaster Ride To Hell

Obama's War On The Middle Class

Leftists, with Obama's assistance, are dedicated to destroying the American middle class.  This is because it is the source of conservatism.  Read the revealing article by Michael Snyder on the 27 facts showing this is happening.  Don't doubt the motives of Obama and the left.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Obama Votes "Absent" and Sends a Message

Three million seven-hundred thousand Frenchmen marched in the streets of Paris on Sunday.  Over 40 world leaders, including heads of state from the major European countries, Middle-Eastern countries, Palestine, and Israel join them in an historic protest against Islamic terrorism.  Where is Obama?  Where is Biden?  Where is Kerry?  Where is Holder?  All of our fearless American leaders send a message to the world, telling them how they feel about Islamic terror.  They vote "absent".

A golden opportunity for Obama to appear as a world leader is wasted.  But it's more than incompetence, isn't it?  No leaders from the world's most radical and oppressive governments joined the demonstration.  Obama just showed the world which side he is on.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why Charlie Hebdo and Benghazi Are Different Yet The Same

The Benghazi deaths of four brave Americans, including a US ambassador were the direct result of an anti-Islamic video.  It was a horrible, disreputable video, made by an evil man who had to be imprisoned immediately.  Or so we were told for weeks after the incident by President Barack Obama, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Obama even repeated the charge three weeks later at the UN General Assembly, even though at that time he knew it wasn’t true.  Hillary promised the father of one of the fallen Seals who died defending the compound that they would punish the filmmaker, rather than promise to apprehend the terrorists responsible for his son’s murder.

Now we have a group of French cartoonists from who made satirical cartoons that were anti-Islamic in a comic newspaper, Charle Hebdo.  Based on the logic of our President and Secretary of State, aren't they responsible for the violence?  If they had lived, shouldn't they have been rounded up and imprisoned, as well?  

Does Islamic terrorism trump freedom of speech?  Well, Islamic murderers took care of that question for them.

So which is it?  Do Obama and Hillary defend the Constitution of the United States or Islam?  The two are mutually exclusive.  They must answer that question.

Andrew Thomas
as published in American Thinker

I am Breitbart and I am Charlie

And I am armed and ready. Come and get me.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

America Is Being Transformed Into "Brazil"

Our dishwasher broke just after Christmas.  The timer stopped working, and a new one costs about $100.  My wife suggested that since the dishwasher is nineteen years old, we should buy a new one.  Up until now it was working very quietly and efficiently, washing and drying a full load in about an hour.

We visited the appliance shop where we had recently purchased a new clothes washing machine a few months earlier.  I mentioned to the salesman that our new washer was very slow, taking nearly two hours to finish a large load compared to our old one, which took about 35 minutes.  With a bright smile, he explained that that was because of the new federal energy efficiency standards for clothes washers enacted by the Obama administration’s Department of Energy in May 2012.

(I later looked this up on the Energy.gov website, and found that this new regulation was only one of over 40 new onerous energy regulations on products and appliances already enacted, with many more to come, including for Christmas lights.  According to the website, these are “sensible steps” that will save consumers “billions on energy bills”.  This is a highly suspect claim.  When energy consumption decreases, utility companies typically raise the price per kilowatt hour to make up for the loss in revenue.)

And by the way, our salesman interjected, this standard also applies to new dishwashers.  They now take as long as three hours to complete the wash and dry cycle.  Oh, about your nineteen-year-old dishwasher…don’t expect the new one to last that long.  No matter which one you buy, from $250 to $1000, the average expected life of the new washers is five to seven years.

At about this time, I started hearing a song in my head.  It was “Aquarela do Brazil”, the theme song of Terry Gilliam’s 1985 movie, Brazil.  Gilliam’s film is a “dystopian satire” of a totalitarian society where all of the appliances have been designed and built by mindless bureaucrats.

The protagonist, played by Jonathan Pryce, haplessly tries to use a telephone that has wires and plugs like an old-fashioned operator’s switchboard.  Computer screens are so tiny they need to be read with magnifying glasses.  Pryce’s air conditioning system is a monstrous contortion of smoking tubes and wires.  When it breaks and he tries to get it fixed, he is trapped in a government-controlled nightmare of endless forms and apathetic repairmen.

Robert De Niro plays a “terrorist” rogue engineer who zip-lines himself into people’s apartments and fixes their air conditioning systems without government permission.

Our country is becoming Brazil.  The ever-increasing barrage of regulations being unleashed by Obama’s DOE, EPA, and myriad other agencies have spurious and unproven “benefits” to Americans, but many potential unforeseen consequences.  We only need look at the Affordable Care Act (a name that could only be dreamed-up in Brazil) as a textbook example of the results of releasing massive amounts of regulations without adequate controls or review. 

21,000 new regulations have been enacted under Obama, and 2,375 are scheduled so far for 2015.  Congress does not have the power to stop this avalanche, and can do very little to slow it down.

The sad and frustrating part of this “government gone wild” scenario is that it is highly doubtful any of these regulations can be rescinded or fixed before they potentially cause significant permanent damage to our individual freedoms, to say nothing of how they will negatively impact our day-to-day lives.  This is how Obama’s “fundamental change” of America is accomplished.

As I write this, I am ordering a new timer for my old dishwasher.  I just hope De Niro shows up to help me install it.

Andrew Thomas
as published in American Thinker

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Democrat War on the Middle Class

The title of this piece should be the mantra on the lips of every Republican.  What has been the Democrat war plan?

1)      Raise the cost of health insurance dramatically.
2)      Make it mandatory.
3)      Enforce it using the IRS.
4)      Give subsidies to the poor.
5)      Put the entire burden on the middle class.

Democrats are solely responsible for making this happen.  They did it by coercion and bribery.  They pushed it into law without any public review, or even any Congressional review.

But, there are still other examples of this war to eliminate the middle class.

Have you noticed how the cost of groceries is skyrocketing, while essential goods such as toilet paper are rapidly shrinking in size?  Gasoline has come down in price recently, but it is still far from the prices we were paying in 2008 when Obama was elected.  And do you really expect it will stay down for long?  If so, I have some wetlands here in Florida I would like to sell you.  The problem is that none of these staples are considered in the inflation rate calculations made by the US government, due to modifications in the calculations made by the Obama administration.  It is a double-whammy to the middle class, as bank interest rates and social security inflation adjustments remain near zero because of these “modifications”. 

“Tax the rich” and “income inequality” are mantras for Democrats, useful idiots and the terminally stupid.  Most of the truly wealthy lean to the left, and couldn’t care less about income or taxes.  They don’t need incomes to stay prosperous, as their wealth is already in the bank.  Increasing already elevated tax burdens on higher incomes only insures that no one in the middle class will ever join the ranks of the “rich”.  

Artificially increasing low incomes and the minimum wage in the name of “income inequality” will increase consumer prices and unemployment, squeezing the middle class and helping to insure that no one of their ilk joins the status of the elitist wealthy.

Of course, a “wealth tax” might scare the wealthy.  But that is already happening, as the Fed is intentionally devaluing the US dollar 2% per year over the next twenty years.  This “wealth tax” will reduce the value of our savings by one-third over that time period. It is a 33% tax on our post-income tax savings.  We are experiencing a Cyprus-like wealth-confiscation scenario, but it is theft by stealth. This should concern the rich, if it weren’t for Wall Street making up the difference in rising stock prices.  Who does this wealth-confiscation monetary policy hurt most?  I’ll bet you’re smart enough to have figured that out by now.

Why is it necessary for Democrats to eliminate the middle class?  Well, for one it is the primary voting block for Republicans (and even more importantly, for conservatives). 

In a communist system, and theoretically in any socialist system, there is only room for two classes, the ruling class and the proletariat, i.e., the struggling poor. The capitalistic-created American middle class is somewhat unique in a world historically composed of the oppressed and the oppressors.  It is a fragile and newly-formed group that can easily be crushed.  Democrats have history and politically evil intent on their side.  “The Democrat war on the middle class” needs to be shouted from every rooftop and blog site from now until 2017. 

Andrew Thomas
as published in American Thinker

Monday, November 17, 2014

"Dark Winter": 30 Years of Cold Coming?

Climatologist John L. Casey thinks we are at the beginning of a 30 year solar cycle that will dramatically lower temperatures around the world.  Casey says, "All you have to do is trust natural cycles and follow the facts, and that leads you to the inevitable conclusion that the sun controls the climate, and that a new cold era has begun." Casey has just published a new book, Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell.

"There is no human on earth, much less here in the U.S., who has experienced the depth and duration of cold we're about to experience — it's that serious," he says.  Read the Newsmax article here.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

If Global Warming Is Such a Dire Threat To Humanity, Why Is Obama Giving China 15 Years to Start Slowing CO2 Emissions?

Secretary of State John Kerry said that climate change is as urgent a threat as ISIS and Ebola. Obama himself said at this year's UN climate change summit that "the climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it".

If this is true, and who can doubt it, especially coming from two such honorable and trustworthy officials of the US government, then why did Obama and his royal media puppets just do the happy dance over getting China to agree to slow down their ever-increasing emissions starting in 2030?  How much of a crisis is this, anyway?

In fact, in his Real Science blog, Steven Goddard demonstrates how this agreement effectively allows the Chinese to triple their CO2 emissions over the next 15 years.

It's just our President doing what comes naturally, i.e., promoting whatever hypocritical stance it takes to further his leftist agenda. We did learn a couple of things about Obama from his China visit.  He cuts a nice satin tunic, and he can walk and chew gum at the same time.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Obamacare Architect Again Caught Calling Americans "Stupid"

After apologizing for his comments at MSNBC about "the stupidity of the American voter", which he says he "misspoke", a new video of Jonathon Gruber has emerged with similar comments about "stupid" Americans.  Of course, he says that we "stupid" Americans were essential for the passage of  Obamacare.  Gruber reeks of leftist elitism and arrogance.

The Democrat party has been completely co-opted by the Left.  If you vote for another Dem, you deserve Gruber's definition.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Obamacare Architect Admits Relying On "Stupidity of American Voters" To Pass Obamacare

Read the article at AT here.  The video of this admission should be used as a hammer against Dems who passed this bill (and are still in Congress).  Leftist elites like this guy don't want to be a part of America, they want to rule America.  And Obamacare is one monument to the stupidity of American voters that richly deserves repeal.


Friday, November 7, 2014

We Should Be Dead By Now

Based on predictions from Earth Day on 1970, the Earth should have been destroyed by evil human activity, and we should all be dead by this date.  Courtesy of Ricochet. Just goes to show how insanely off base Warmist "experts" have been for the past 44 years.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

New York Times Calls for Legalization of Pedophilia

An op-ed in the NYT sympathizes with pedophiles.   According to the editorial, sexual perversions are not a choice, they are "disorders".  Therefore, it should be illegal to discriminate against pedophiles just because they want to rape your son or daughter.  So says Margo Kaplan, an assistant law professor at Rutgers University, who wants to make a career of promoting “sexual diversity”.  

There is supposedly a "criminal gene" according to some scientists, relegating crime to a genetic disorder.  Perhaps we should also make it illegal to discriminate against murderers.  In fact, under the same logic, we should provide accommodation to murderers and pedophilic rapists under the American Disabilities Act (ACA).  So you want to rape and murder a child?  The US government should provide the child and a quiet room.

This is a sick idea in today's sensibilities.  But we know from experience that progressives are never satisfied with their invasive inroads, and continue to demand more and more concessions to their causes until they are finally confronted and stopped. 

So what happens ten or twenty years from now as the left continues to deconstruct morality with little or no resistance, and right from wrong becomes irrevocably blurred?  Their greatest weapon is the ridicule and disdain of those small-minded moralist God-worshipers.  After all, sophisticated leftists of superior intelligence know there is no God in their world.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Will Ebola Be Used As a Terrorist Weapon?

I hate to be an alarmist, but we need to be aware of the possibility that the Ebola virus may be used as a terror weapon.  It may seem farfetched today, but there are some indicators that this could become a reality.

Earlier, President Obama said that Ebola in America was “unlikely”.  Today, it is here.  An Ebola victim has been diagnosed with the disease in the US.  Director of the Center for Disease Control Dr. Thomas Frieden, trying to calm fears, stated “There is no doubt in my mind that we will stop it here.”

That is, unless the virus is intentionally spread.

What more perfect weapon could terrorists employ in order to engender fear and panic in a population?  With over one million Ebola victims predicted by January 2015, there may be ample opportunity to harvest and culture the virus from infected blood.  A “dirty bomb” infused with Ebola virus, exploded in a populated area such as a sports stadium or a shopping mall, would produce mass panic.  It would be relatively easy to make many of these weapons.

Where did I get this outrageous and horrific idea?

Well, I read it in a Tom Clancy novel, published in 1993.  His book, Executive Orders, describes the horror of Islamic terrorists using the Ebola virus in aerosol bombs at sporting events and other large gatherings to destabilize and overthrow America.

Mr. Clancy was a futurist, if not a prophet.  In the same novel, he also predicted the use of commercial jetliners as a terror weapon.  In his story, a commercial jet was purposely crashed into the US capital building, killing the President and most of Congress.  This made Clancy hero Jack Ryan President of the United States, who proceeded to take decisive action to save America and defeat the bad guys.

Unfortunately, we have Obama in charge rather than Jack Ryan.

Andrew Thomas

Breaking News - Polar Ice Cap Shrinking Rapidly on Mars - Climate Experts Blame Capitalism

System change to socialism should solve the problem.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's All About System Change (To Socialism), Not Climate Change

Good article on the horrors of socialist / communist control of the environment in NRO here.  Environmentalism in America has been totally co-opted by the American Communist Party and the International Socialist Organization (ISO).  So it is finally out in the open.  Climate alarmism is all about killing capitalism and replacing it with a left-wing dictatorship.  "Climate change" is the vehicle to rally the useful idiots.

Capitalism is only an economic system.  It has no political clout on its own.  Socialism, however, like Islamism, is not just an economic system, but a political system and a religion as well (with the State as god).  The main problem with socialism is that once you have the regulators and the regulated working for the same people, corruption inevitably occurs and becomes pervasive.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Communist Agenda Revealed: Destroy Capitalism Using "Climate Movement"

Why does capitalism need to be destroyed?  Because communism has been so much more successful in addressing climate pollution in China and Russia.  Read the revealing piece in PJ Media.here.

By the way, here's a picture I took from my hotel room in Shenzhen, China.  It's a glimpse into our climate future if communists control the world.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


It's Sad And Sick That This Article Had To Be Written

America as we knew it is dead.  We conservatives are now the illegal resistance.  David Limbaugh's article in Newsmax proves it.  Read it here.  It is more than about homosexuality vs. traditional marriage.  It is about the fundimentals of freedom vs. tyranny.